I joke pretty much every day that my dream clients are straight out of a Meg Ryan movie and “Must Love Dogs”

So, obviously, when I first met Katie and Justin and they immediately whipped out their phones to show me photos of their Bernese Mountain Dog, Sadie, I knew it was meant to be. We instantly knew that whatever plans we decided on for their engagement session, Sadie had to be the star of the show. I think that was definitely accomplished with their Scarborough Bluffs engagement session!

My favourite part of this session with them actually isn’t even pictured. We shot at the very beginning of May right after a major rainstorm, and unknown to us, the paths to the Scarborough Bluffs had started to flood. Katie saw the massive mud puddles blocking the road with full on streams of water flowing behind them, whipped off her heels, and looked back at us all like “let’s do this!”

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a wild adventure involved in just getting to a location for a shoot before, and Katie and Justin took it all in with such grace and happiness. I really think that this is such a testament to how they will treat their marriage! Anything that life throws at them will be greeted with a barefoot smile and a “let’s do this!” attitude. I have zero doubts that these two (scratch that, three) are perfect together, and can’t wait for the day they will finally be able to call each other husband and wife after seven years of dating! Congratulations, Katie and Justin!

PS – Special thank you to my much better half, Stephen, for hanging out with Sadie while I shot all of the photos of just the two of them… And also for cleaning my running shoes when we got home without me even asking. This man is way too good to me, guys!