There are so many moments where I am thankful for my job, but this evening was definitely a standout.

I get asked so many times by friends who are not in the wedding industry how it feels to photograph weddings and engagements for other friends. I don’t think that I’ve ever actually publically answered this question until now, but here it is!

There is absolutely nothing that I love more about my job than getting to be a part of such an important time in my couple’s lives.

That statement is even truer when that couple happens to be someone that you’ve known for years and have watched fall in love from the sidelines. Think of it this way; As a wedding photographer, I spend the most time with my couples on the day of their wedding than any other guest, family member, or even bridal party member. I am there for all of the morning jitters, every teary-eyed hug with family members, and every gut laugh brought on by an impromptu toast. Even more special than that, though, is that I get to be a part of the process beforehand.

I’ve known Nicole since we were both in the sixth grade, and watching her step into the role of a bride has been the most incredible part of our friendship by far. It’s been such an amazing thing to see this woman who I’ve known for so many years excitedly talk about all of her plans, and light up the second Jason’s name comes up. I feel lucky for my job for so many reasons, but to be able to experience all of the excitement alongside her and all of my other brides is hands down the most remarkable thing that wedding photography has brought into my life.

Planning this session and having Jason and Nicole tour me around RARE Conservation in Cambridge was one of my favourite parts of the summer! We started off the day with pouring rain and the skies cleared up at the very beginning of our session, ending up with one of the most beautiful nights of August! With so much weather luck, some gorgeous florals from Just Blooms, and a little bit of hair and makeup magic from Amanda Zack, we definitely made a night for the record books.