It may be American Thanksgiving this weekend, but on Canadian Thanksgiving, something took place that really embodied the term “thankful”

A few months ago I received an email from one of the sweetest and most excited brides talking all about her upcoming destination wedding in Niagara Falls. Sara and Richard currently reside in Washington D.C. where they met and fell head over heels in love, but they grew up incredibly far apart. Sara once called Buffalo, New York home, and Richard and his family are from England (yes, charming accent and all). They both knew that wherever they decided to celebrate their marriage would be a destination wedding for at least one of their families, so they chose a venue that would be a trip for everyone involved. Their Niagara Botanical Gardens wedding was sentimental not only because Sara took so many trips to Niagara Falls during her childhood, but it was also a little nod to the botanical gardens where Richard proposed and they started their journey to become husband and wife.

I’m so thankful that they decided on a Niagara Botanical Gardens wedding so that I could be witness to such a sweet, intimate part of their love story. I’ll always be grateful for brides like Sara, who despite planning from miles and miles away, are so open and eager to work together and build such a friendship throughout the process! There really was no better way that I could have spent this weekend than with Sara, Richard, and their incredible friends and family.


Special thank you to all of the vendors involved in their beautiful Niagara Botanical Gardens wedding!

Venue | Niagara Botanical Gardens in Niagara Falls, Ontario | Venue Coordinators | Bobby Beaupit, Sarah Morse, and Missy Lichtenberger | Hotel | Hilton Hotel and Suites in Niagara Falls, Ontario | Reception Space | Queen Victoria Place in Niagara Falls, Ontario | Floral Design | Stok Floral & Design Inc. | Makeup | Sarah Smith | Hair | Allure Hair & Makeup

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