Even despite being in this industry for so many years, I’m always blown away at how some couples can come into your life and it immediately feels like it’s meant to be 

For me, Lysa and Adam are definitely one of those couples. Our first “meeting” was over the phone and was basically just spent laughing for a full hour, followed by me borderline crying at their proposal video. Not only that, but we ended it by finding out that I was going to be in San Francisco (where Adam currently lives for work) while Lysa was also in the area for a totally different wedding on the same day. Of course, this engagement shoot was the result of that crazy coincidence and I couldn’t be happier for it!

Lysa and Adam first met on New Year’s Eve of 2011, but it wasn’t until a full year later when she joined a group of friends to visit him in Boston (where he lived at the time) that their story even began. It took a huge leap of faith and plenty of attempts from Adam, but she finally succumbed to his irresistible charm!

From Lysa 

Adam and I have been in a long distance relationship from the early beginnings, and have spent all of our time together traveling to see each other. From Toronto to New York, Vancouver, Mexico, LA, and San Francisco, we’ve been by each other’s side through it all.

Adam currently lives in California, and on one of my more recent trips to visit him, we took a trip down the coast to San Luis Obispo where he surprised me in one of the most beautiful places by getting down on one knee right at sunset. He even continued to propose to me even though I kept pushing him away in disbelief that it was actually happening!

When it came time to think of a location for our engagement session, San Francisco City Hall was one of the first places that came to mind! We’ve always admired the beauty of the architecture and even considered getting married there despite our families being so far away. Having somewhere so sentimental to us as the location for our session was so important to us because it’s not only just a shoot but another milestone in our relationship together.

I think one of the best decisions you can make as a bride is to pick a location for your engagement session or wedding that really means something and allows you and your spouse to show your personalities comfortably! Our engagement session felt so calm and relaxing, and really just felt like us having fun more than shooting! We were able to be ourselves, goofy, relaxed, making fun of each other, but the pictures still turned out so romantic and meaningful to us.

Special thank you to La Lavande for the beautiful bouquet, and for Kelsee of Ivy and Gold Photography for assisting/second shooting with me all weekend in California! These ladies are such a joy to work with!

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